fox new forestPeople’s views on foxes fall into two distinct camps and I’ll sit on the fence on this one although, I have to say, they are responsible for predation of other species’ nests and young within the New Forest. However, as a photographer, they make good subjects although they are very elusive after years of persecution.

The grey squirrel is an absolute pest and classed as vermin but photogenic nevertheless! Listed as one of 100 of the World’s Worst Invasive Alien Species, it is responsible for the demise of the Red Squirrel across most parts of the UK. I’d much rather photograph Red Squirrels in the New Forest but unfortunately they died out in the last century thanks to the invasive Grey Squirrel. I feel guilty photographing them!

There have been several confirmed sightings of Pine Marten in the New Forest in recent years and they are welcome if only to control the grey squirrel population. Whether they will re-establish in sufficient numbers is not known at present. I have to admit that I cheated with these pics. They were taken in the New Forest but I was allowed into the cage of a captive specimen.


Fox adult by hole (1)
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Grey Squirrel

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Pine Marten

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