roe deer new forestImages of New Forest Roe deer. The Roe and the Red are our only true native deer species. Unlike Fallow and Red deer, this species is smaller, does not gather in herds and is mainly solitary apart from their annual rut during mid July – end August when the bucks (males) seek out the does (females). During this time males become very aggressive in defending their territories, so don’t get too close! Outside of that, you are likely to see solitary bucks but the does are often accompanied by their current year’s young, usually twins. Their coat (pelage) changes from a dull grey in winter to a much brighter chestnut clour in the spring and summer.

All deer can be skittish if you surprise them but I find the Roe more tolerant of a human presence than other species, All long as you don’t invade their space, they will continue to browse and graze knowing that you’re watching from a distance. On one occasion, they even mated right in front of me when their minds were on other things – in the interests of decency, I have not included those pics!. Generally they are an attractive small deer and very photogenic.

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Roe Deer - click image to enlarge
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