new forest ponyNew Forest Pony images. The New Forest is sinonymous with the iconic ponies but I’m so used to seeing them that I rarely photograph them. I’m more likely to take a few pics when I’ve been out for a walk and have found nothing else to photograph! There are so many of them that they don’t present much of a challenge from a photography perpective but occasionally an appealing opportunity for a shot catches my eye. Perhaps I should try harder to find the right combination of New Forest pony and landscape as they can be very photogenic in the right location!

REMEMBER – don’t pet, feed or get too close to them as it gets them into bad habits and they can kick hard enough to inflict serious injury especially to a small child.  Another risk area is the annual pony drifts (roundups) that usually take place in late summer and autumn when ponies are driven into pounds situated in locations across the Forest. Groups of ponies galloping fast followed by horseback riders is a tempting photo opportunity but should be avoided unless you really understand how the process works and are able to stay concealed with a decent long lens.

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New Forest Ponies - click image to enlarge