new forest landscapeHere are some images of the variety of New Forest landscapes. The New Forest is a truly unique area with such a wide range of landscapes from woodland and heathland to its impressive 26 miles of coastline overlooking the Isle of Wight and the Needles. You only need to travel a few miles to find a completely different landscape setting. Be adventurous enough to walk a few miles from the many available free car parks and immerse yourself – you will not be disappointed. The landscape is continually changing through the seasons and even during the day when sunrises and sunsets can provide some spectacular photo opportunities.

Despite the many photographic opportunities available, I always seem to have a telephoto lens attached to my camera when there’s a good landscape scene to capture so I miss more shots than I take!  My lens is always geared to wildlife but occasionally I carry a Nikon 24/85 lens to capture the scene and sometimes use my iPhoneX which has a very reasonable camera packed into a small space. However. I’m definitely not a landscape specialist and am still trying to perfect the art and learn how to catch the right light. To be honest, I prefer the challenge of wildlife photography – my favourite subjects are deer and birds.

For more general information on the New Forest landscapes and its wildlife, check out the Real New Forest Guide.

New Forest Landscape - click image to enlarge
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